Monday, January 29, 2007


I swore I would never get a blog, partly because everyone else has one, and I don't have anything better to say than what is already out there in the blogosphere. But also because I didn't want to follow the crowd. Well, peer pressure got me and I buckled and got a blog. Primarily to stay on top of practicing my writing (since graduation, I have not put my hard earned english degree to work) and also to allow my family to know what is going on in my life besides our phone calls. I recognize that few people will read this, and I prefer it that way. I do however, hope that my own ability to write will be strengthened through this blog.

I named it "In View of God's Mercy" because I have been reading through Romans, and Romans 12:1 really stuck out to me this morning. All of the commands and implications of Gospel living that follow in chapters 12,13, and 14 are "in view of God's mercy." We abhor evil because of God's mercy, we hold fast to good because of God's mercy, we deny our rights because of God's mercy, we protect the weaker brother and do not judge as the stronger brother because of God's mercy, we practice the spiritual gifts because of God's mercy, and the list could go on.

Our entire lives as Christians are in view of God's mercy. Any good that we do is because God is merciful to us and does not allow us to be crushed by our own sinfulness. So, that is the verse that will guide these musings. God's mercy. God's mercy woke me up this morning. God's mercy got me to work. And God's mercy will keep me from capitulating into outright rebellion against my Creator. Thank you for reading.

Soli Deo Gloria!