About Me

I consider late 2003 as the moment my life began. Around that time God opened my eyes to the awful nature of my sin and the beauty of the Gospel. Life has never been the same since. I am a debtor to mercy, big time.

May 25, 2009 my life only got better when I married my sweet husband, Daniel. We are madly in love and want to work really hard to stay that way. I lived in Louisville, KY from August 2007-May 2011, and moved there from Minneapolis to attend seminary. I grew up in Texas, but consider Minneapolis home because it is just so great. Daniel and I moved to Little Rock, AR in May 2011 (after Daniel graduated from seminary) to plant Midtown Baptist Church. We are on a team with our dear friends from Louisville and are excited to see what God does as we plant our lives and our hearts here for the long haul.

On February 5, 2013 I gave birth to our precious twin boys, Luke and Zach. Life with them has been an adventure of a lifetime and a joy we wouldn't trade for anything.

Right now my life consists of caring for my boys, husband, and home. I am also a writer and working on my first book, The Accidental Feminist: Restoring Our Delight in God's Design (Crossway, forthcoming). I am a regular writer for Her.meneutics (the Christianity Today blog for women), The Gospel Coalition, and an assistant editor for Karis (the CBMW blog for women). Not that I have much free time, but when I do have it I enjoy cooking, writing, talking to friends, reading, blogging, and Mexican food. I am learning to like exercise. Most importantly I am a great sinner and I need more of Jesus every day. This blog is a slight glimpse into my head and life. I am glad you stopped by.