Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winter Blizzard Part 1

Just when Minnesota was starting to get on my good side with the nearly 50 degree temperatures, it had to go and snow--and not just any snow, 12 inches of snow. This post is called part 1 because I hear it's coming for us again on Wednesday. Take a look for yourself...

The hour it took to shovel the snow off our cars wasn't all bad (it was my first time ever to shovel snow). But I do find it fascinating that so many people voluntarily go outside in this weather. In Texas if you just mention snow the city shuts down for days. Driving in this weather is a new concept, and I am still trying to decide if my trek out in it was really worth the three times I got stuck. Oh well, the time in the snow was fun nonetheless, and it made for good pictures and good laughs.

As a side note, my roommates and I were talking the other night about how roofs collapsed in New York because of the weight from all the of the snow. We then quickly realized that if we get that much snow and our house is in danger of collapsing, I would be the first to go because my bed is at the highest point of the house. Oh well, I guess I'll have to take one for the team.

(Mom: aren't you glad you moved to Florida)


stellerblue32 said...

hahaha you guys are so cute!! wow, even tho i want it to be summer, a lot of snow is kind of exciting! this is good for you courtney, this is what living in Minnesota is all about!! :) oh, and by the way, you might be the first one to go if snow collapses your roof, or a tornado tears through your house, or if a fire starts, but remember, you will most likely be the last to survive if there is a flood! now doesnt that make you feel better? :) have a good day!

p.s. have you ever been white-washed yet? just wondering ;)

cdt said...

Andrea made a point to tell me that maybe I only shoveled for an hour, but Ellie and she shoveled for an hour before AND after church. So, I feel that I must get that out there, seeing as how I made it seem like I did so much work. I didn't really. :)

I think it's kind of sad when, as roommates, we talk about who would die first in a natural disaster. You'd think we'd talk about something more interesting, or not try and have deep conversations late at night.

And yes, Katie, I have been white-washed. All four of them white-washed me yesterday. My face was frozen. :(

p.s. that pic is from Steph falling in the snow. There was no reason for her falling, she just fell over!

stellerblue32 said...

haha steph WOULD just fall over :) ohh i am so happy that you were introduced (from the sound of it somewhat viciously) to the wonderful experience of being white-washed! did you get them back? we must have a snowball fight soon i am thinking!