Friday, April 20, 2007

Qualities of a Godly Woman: Part 3 (Just for Tommy)

As we have been looking at the qualities of a godly woman, I was encouraged by a brother to share this visual with the reading world. Here is how we as women can affirm the men in our life--profess our undying love for them in the public arena (in this case, the Metrodome).

In my worldwide Youtube debut, if you can't hear, I am screaming that I love Michael Cuddyer, a player for the Minnesota Twins. It was a bet, and Steph lost. Another example for us to learn from--don't lose bets, stand your ground and be brave!



kate said...

haha courtney. pretty much youre amazing, im sure you know that tho. thank you for your very deep and encouraging post. i am proud to be one of the high school girls who reads your blog faithfully.

JTG said...

Thanks for the shout out, Courtney Dawn. Being categorized with high school girls isn't on my "To Do Before I Die" list, but I hear that if I can't listen to Mohler's podcasts, you might be the best second-hand source.

cdt said...

Are you attempting to speak in anonymity Tommy? Or is that you truly like the name--John Thomas? So many questions...

Um yes, Mohler is a big deal in our house, well maybe to just me. But I think it's starting to catch on to the others.

Thanks for reading! and now watching. Wow, I'm becoming so versatile in my blogging.

steph said...

"I'm SCARED!!!!" Oh Courtney, I just laugh when I think about that video. It brings me great joy.

when are you coming home?

gotta love Mohler.