Thursday, May 24, 2007

NA Conference

Early tomorrow morning my brother, sister-in-law, and I will hit the road and head for Louisville, Kentucky to attend the New Attitude conference. The NA conference is put on by Sovereign Grace Ministries, and promises to be a God-centered weekend of teaching and fellowship—and with speakers like Mark Dever, Al Mohler, John Piper, Joshua Harris, Eric Simmons, and CJ Mahaney, who wouldn’t be excited. The theme is discernment, and I pray that God uses these men to shape an entire generation of young people (and especially myself) to live according to God’s Word, for His glory.

There are many reasons why I am looking forward to the weekend, but I will simply share a few with you. I am excited about…

  1. Spending time with my brother and sister-in-law.
  2. Hearing Mark Dever preach live. His teachings and writings have shaped my view of the local church tremendously.
  3. Hearing Al Mohler preach live.
  4. Actually being an attendee at a conference and not working, at all.
  5. Having the opportunity to sit under the teaching of great men of the faith.
  6. Being on vacation.

So, I will leave you with the NA video, which makes me excited just watching it—and you will be too.


andrea said...

make sure you bring your laptop to the conference. i think you know why, but if you are unsure, call me.

love you, courtney! have a good time!!! see you wednesday.

cdt said...

oh my gosh. I totally forgot Steph's book!

I will TRY and bring the computer--though I think I would seem like a little bit of a crazy one.

I will tell him you said hi, and that just in case he was wondering the picture turned out good. Did you keep it on your camera?

stephanie said...

we will miss you, courtney! have a great time!

yes, the book. next time. keep posting!

sonja said...

Hi Courtney, your Mom and Dad let me know about your blog and I have been reading from time to time. Your entry about your Mom was a real blessing for several reasons - I know her, I know your Dad, I know you, I know your brothers - and I know what she has been walking through these last 2 decades. She has been faithful-tho not a 'faithful person' or 'faithful to her family'...faithful to the cross..she has taken up her cross dialy and followed the Lord...sometimes at great cost. When unable to take another step, the Cross of Christ-His Gospel-His Ministry-His Word..has strenghtened and enables her to keep on. So..Keep on my friend, keep on running the have not lost your saultiness, your tourch is not hidden, Keep on -- I love you dearly.

Courtney..You mentioned in this entry of Mark Devers preaching and writting shaping your view of the local church. Can you expound on that?