Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minneapolis, My Home

I write this after a long night of waiting, praying, and watching the coverage on television. As the countless reports show, at approximately 6:00 this evening the 35W bridge collapsed sending many cars into the Mississippi River. This is the same bridge that I traveled on every Sunday for church in college, the same bridge that I traveled on last night with my brother, and the same bridge that is a few miles from where I live. Many people from my church travel it every week to give of their time to minister.

Pastor John has written a wise post at the Desiring God blog about this event. Our neighbors were among the kids on the bus, and tragedy doesn’t seem as real until you see the scared face of a mother who doesn’t know where her little girl is. Suffering is real. Pain is real. And this is an even greater reminder that this world is groaning for redemption, bridges and all. Oh that the Phillips neighborhood, and all of Minneapolis, would embrace and believe in Christ.

Here is the link to Pastor John’s post:

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debt said...

Thanks, Courtney. May those who know Christ be a light to those who are grappling in this darkness and may this be used to Glorify God in the salvation of many. We are praying for those who are speaking truth by life and with words in the cities and that those who are lost, blind and naked; without hope in the world, would find Jesus Christ, our only hope.