Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Meet the Waldemar's!

Meet with Waldemar’s. They are urban missionaries with Bethlehem Baptist Church. For a little over a year (I think, I’m not sure exactly), they have been living in the inner city of Minneapolis, just a stone’s throw from the church, building relationships and sharing the Gospel with the urban neighbors around them.

They are a tremendous example of Christ to me, and many others in the Bethlehem community. Not only because of the work that God has done in their family, but also due to their labors for the Gospel in the city. Living for Christ takes on a whole new meaning when you witness a drug deal happen on your door step while your three children are sitting inside, or when you hear the shouts of drunk neighbors at 3 AM and you wonder if this will be the night where you hear the gun shots. City living is never easy, but they do it not to be adventurous, but so the nations will bow the knee and worship Jesus Christ, the Lord of all. They don’t try and dress up the Gospel and make it cool, and they most certainly don’t try and be something that they are not. It is simply pure, fervent, humble Gospel living, and it shows.

For the Waldemar’s, being an urban missionary means eating Afghani pizza and taking food and the Gospel to a homeless person in an abandoned house. I praise God for this family and for the work that they do in Minneapolis. May God be pleased to grant much fruit for his glory and for the joy of the nations!

They also have a blog where they give ministry and family updates. You can visit it here:


debt said...

Thanks for sharing this family with us, Courtney. May God bless them and their ministry for the glory of God!!!

Waldemar Family said...

Oh, my. Imagine my surprise when I first looked at your blog this morning! You are too kind. We love your heart, and quite frankly, we miss it too.

You're a treasure, Courtney.

the Waldemars

steph johnson said...

YES!!!! I love them too!!!

They are such a blessing...not only to me...but to SO many people!

andrea said...

I agree! I love the Waldemars. Christ shines brightly through their lives.