Friday, April 18, 2008

Yes, we had an earthquake

Early this morning an earthquake hit Louisville. I didn't actually realize we had an earthquake until this morning. I sort of felt my bed shaking, but I sleep so hard that I thought it was a dream, or thunder. But when I went downstairs this morning nothing had moved on our shelves, so I just resolved that it was a dream. But, no it was not a dream. We really had an earthquake! It was very minor, but my friend Abraham has minute by minute updates of the happenings! I must say that this has been a whirldwind of a week. Now I can tell my children that I have survived two earthquakes. (I was in a minor one when I was a baby. I don't remember it though).

An earthquake in Louisville. Who knew?


Sallie said...

We live in Arizona very close to both the California and Mexico borders. However, we still DO NOT feel earthquakes for the most part. We went through several weeks of multiple earthquakes everyday back about two months ago. I also read about an unusual(I guess because of quantity) string of earthquakes recently near oregon. I believe God is speaking to His people and trying to cause them to turn to Him. Even the very rocks will cry out!!

God bless,

Anonymous said...

God wouldn't use an Earthquake to make people come to him. People don't just say, "Man an Earthquake? God must be talking to me through this earthquake!" His word is the ONLY way he talks to his people...not through natural disasters, supernatural phenomena, or any other out of the ordinary, powerful thing. God is not a puppetmaster but a God whose word is abundant enough to speak to people and change them...think about that...

Waldemar Family said...

Hmmm.... interesting comments.

Earthquake - cool!

Glad you are okay. Miss your sweet face:)

cdt said...


Thank you for your comment. I do believe that God uses supernatural means to cause us to look to him. It is a reminder that he is sovereign and could take us at any moment. This should cause us to witness and call people to Christ and to weep for those who do not repent.


I must say I feel kind of funny responding to people who's names I do not know. Who are you? But, in response to your comment I would first say that the Bible is the final authority from God. There is no new revelation, but God does use means other than his word to point us to his word. For instance, someone being healed of cancer could cause someone to see that God is a God who heals diseases and this could cause them to worship him. Miracles still happen, and while we can never definitively say whether a natural disaster is God speaking directly, we can say that it is a call to repent of sins. The modernists at the turn of the century believed that supernatural phenomena were impossible, this led them to deny the resurrection. God is capable of doing all things, including miracles and using earthquakes to speak to his people. I would just be careful about making broad statements about God never acting supernaturally because I don't think the Bible speaks of him in that way. You are right that his word is abundant enough, but I would say that the act of salvation is supernatural because on our own we would never be able to see the treasure that Christ is. It is a supernatural act that opens our eyes and makes the abundant word live to us!


It is always a joy to see you on here. I miss all of your sweet faces. I saw some BBC people this week and it made me miss you more! Yes, the earthquake was cool, but sadly I didn't experience it like everyone else did. I just sleep to hard!

debt said...

So glad you're okay, Bean! I pass on just a few verses. "The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and the LORD will by no means clear the guilty. His way is in whirlwind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet." Nahum 1:3 Also, check out Psalm 147:12-20 as well as other Psalms. The Creator rules His creation and orders its purpose. Not only does He oversee His creation, but He cares for you and me. Sinful, needy sinners. Redemption is, indeed, a miracle, and when you truly experience His salvation, how can you not do as the Psalmist say, "Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD, O my soul! I will praise the LORD, as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being." To Sallie, the earth is groaning awaiting it's redemption. Come quickly, Lord Jesus! May we be ready.

debt said...

One more thing, if we begin to question the power of God to do what the Scripture says He can and does, at times, do(a miracle is an out of the ordinary occurance that cannot be humanly explained). Do we not begin to put ourselves in the place of God and play the puppetmaster? To say that God doesn't or wouldn't do a miracle today is putting yourself in the position of the Pharisee who couldn't get out of his theological box and recognize the very God who stood in front of Him. The Word of God is, indeed, the way that God speaks to us and the preaching of it leads people to salvation, but God does use all of life and creation to lead us to hear the truth. The Spirit works in ways we cannot see or understand, as Jesus told Nicodemus. The very same Word declares this, as well. Was it not a light from heaven that struck Paul down and stopped him in his tracks and led him to Ananias, so that he heard the Word and was saved?

cdt said...


Thank you for your comment! I was really convicted when you said that the Pharisees were so blind that they didn't even know God had come to earth. I don't want to be that way! Thank you for reminding me to pray!

bean :)

debt said...

You're such an encouragement, Bean! I love you!