Monday, June 2, 2008


Life has been a whirlwind the past week and a half. First, I exhibited at the New Attitude conference. Immediately after the conference ended on Tuesday I hopped on a plane headed south to Florida for my youngest brother's high school graduation. This is where I have been since last Tuesday. It has been a week full of events from graduation to visiting family to a graduation party for the last Tarter child. There was much relaxing by the pool, too. It was a blessing to be able to spend my vacation with my parents and brothers and sister-in-law. Times like these make me sit in awe at the provision of God in my life. I am so very blessed to have the family that I have and I look forward to spending time with them again. I head home tomorrow and will be back to work, life, and blogging. I have been able to think through blog ideas as well. So, until then....Thank you for reading!


Tarters said...

We had a wonderful time with you Court!! Can't wait to see you again! :-) We love you!


cdt said...

I had a wonderful time with you! I miss you already. :(

Love you!