Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy Birthday, Momma!

For the last 25 years (my whole life) Deb Tarter has been my mom. Being a mom is all she ever aspired to be. So, I think that it is only fitting that today, on her birthday, I tell her (and everyone else who reads) the 25 reasons why I am thankful that she is my mom.

  1. She loves Jesus.
  2. She wants people to love Jesus.
  3. She cares about the Church.
  4. She married my dad.
  5. She loves being a wife and mother.
  6. She encouraged me to desire to be a wife and mother (even when I bucked against it).
  7. She taught me the Gospel.
  8. She still teaches me the Gospel (though in different ways now).
  9. She is always there when I need her.
  10. She speaks truth into my life.
  11. She allows her children to grow up and encourages them towards that end.
  12. She let me go when “growing up” meant going away in rebellion for a season.
  13. She trusted the Lord to bring me back, and welcomed me back when He did.
  14. She recognizes that I still need a mom.
  15. She encourages me in my pursuits and takes an interest in what I do.
  16. She taught me to love theology and love studying the Bible.
  17. She likes learning.
  18. She cares about people and feels their pain, and knows what it means to “weep with those who weep.”
  19. She delights in giving gifts to people.
  20. She is the most compassionate person I know.
  21. She listens and understands me.
  22. She loves to laugh.
  23. She is a great cook.
  24. She loves serving people by cooking for them and having them in her home.
  25. She is my friend.

Those are just a few of the many reason why I am thankful for you, Momma. I am so thankful to call you a mom, but also a friend. The Lord has blessed me tremendously by giving me a mom like you. Happy Birthday! I pray that God gives you many more!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Courtney....I too count it a priveledge to call your Mom my friend....and on this day it is good to stop and make sure she knows of our love. Deb, for all those reasons listed by your daughter, and more, I thank God for giving you both physical and spiritual LIFE. I also thank Him for bringing you into my life and for the many ways you lead me to HIM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! - Sonja

steph johnson said...

Happy Birthday Mrs. Tarter! When you made dinner for us last summer, we laughed a ton with Courtney! It was so much fun! Your joyful heart is so encouraging to be around. Hope you have a great day.

Tarters said...

26. She, while I was still deep in my sin, softened her heart towards me and told me the hardest, most loving thing I would ever hear. The gospel.

Thanks Mom, for modeling Christ by not hardening your heart towards me when it was the only thing I deserved. In our world today "Mother-in-Law" can be a daunting term. But I'm blessed to say that mine is one of the truest friends I can call mine.

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

cdt said...

Emily,your comment about mom is so true, and it made me cry. I am glad that she told you the gospel--and I am glad to call you a Tarter. Thank you everyone for adding to the reasons why you love my mom. It encouraged me, as I am sure it will encourage her.

debt said...

You are all too kind. I love you all very much! How thankful I am to the Lord for His grace and mercy in my life and yours. We are very blessed.