Wednesday, August 5, 2009

True Woman 2010

Registration opened this past weekend for the True Woman 2010 conferences. I say "conferences" because there will be more than one this time. True Woman is going to be in three different cities this time, and the wonderful people who put this conference on promise that it will be the same God-centered, womanhood affiirming conference that blessed so many women last October. I hope to be at one of them, and I hope you will consider attending too! What a great opportunity to hear from wonderful speakers and fellowship with women who desire to serve our Christ in the way that he designed us to be.

Visit their website and register today!


Tarters said...

Are we gonna sign up for Texas?!?!

cdt said...

I hope so! Mom said she still needed to talk to Sonja. I really hope we can all go. It would be so much fun!

debt said...

I'm going to contact her this week and then I'll send you all an e-mail with the details. Love you, girls!:)