Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Abortion and Women's Rights

I know it has been pretty quiet around here lately. I am still trying to figure out how to be a new wife, church member, employee, and friend; and then fit in other things (like blogging). I have a TON of ideas in my head, but they haven't made it to paper yet. I promise they will. One idea did make it to paper (or I guess I should say, the idea made it to the computer). I wrote a post for CBMW this week on abortion and women's rights. It is called Life-Giving is a Woman's Issue.

Every day on my way home from work I drive past the local abortion clinic. I used to do it because it was the quickest way home. Now I am reminded to pray everyday at 5:15 when I am driving by it. The rights of the unborn are something that we should all be concerned with. As women we are called to be life-givers, not life-takers. My prayer for the women who enter the clinic, and everyone else inside, is that God would open their eyes to the horrors of abortion and that their would no longer be a need for the abortion clinic. Until then, I will keep driving by and praying.

You can read my post here.

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