Saturday, November 14, 2009

Loving Children in Jesus Name

For nearly nine years I have been supporting Walter with Compassion International. For nearly eight years I have been supporting Juan Carlos with Compassion International. Both of them are from Honduras. When I started supporting them they were little boys. Now, they are not-so-little-boys anymore. In the beginning I felt compelled to support them because I wanted to help children, which is a good cause. But I didn't fully fully understand why it was important to help them in the first place. And in recent years, to my shame, I have been a "money-only" sponsor. Yeah, I give them money every month, but I don't give them much of anything else. The really sad thing is, I only think about it when the direct deposit goes through every month.

But this week something changed. I was reminded of why sponsorship is so important. I was reminded of the plight of children throughout the world. And I was reminded in a fresh way how important it is for us to love children in Christ's name. My friend, Molly went to El Salvador with Compassion this week and blogged while she was there. All week I was broken over my selfishness in not spending more time caring for our Compassion children. I was broken over the world that so many children live in. But I was encouraged. I was encouraged by the work that Compassion is doing. God is doing good things in the lives of these families, for the joy of the nations.

Molly's posts made me feel compelled to action. I want to be a better sponsor. Pray for me. And read her posts. They are worth your time. Now I better go. I have some letters to write to Walter and Juan Carlos!

Here are all of her posts. Post 1 Post 2 Post 3 Post 4 Post 5


Rachel said...

I'm with ya there. I read those posts of Molly's too and also was convicted. I've got a little girl in Haiti and I send maybe two letters a year to my shame... I'll be thinking of you as I think of her.

Hope you all are doing well, Courtney!

Rachel Brown

cdt said...

Thanks, Rachel! I wil be thinking of you too!

We are doing well! So glad we are neighbors!