Wednesday, December 2, 2009

First Christmas Craft

I am trying to learn to be crafty and so last year, right after we got engaged, I bought cheap stockings on sale in hopes that I could muster up enough craftiness to put our names on them this year. I know. It sounds like such a small task, but if you knew my lack of craftiness, you would be proud of any attempts at it. Let's just say I am no Martha Stewart.

Growing up our stockings had our names on them in glitter. My mom used glue and glitter to make our stockings unique and special. This was a tradition we decided to carry on into our family. So the minute we got home from our trip last week I got to work putting our name on our stockings. I was so excited to hang them and decorate our apartment that I couldn't wait until later this week. The above picture is my finished product. They are proudly hanging in our living room, just waiting for presents to go in them!


Rachel said...

Cute, Courtney! I am completely with you in the "lack of craftiness" club. I was wondering what fun decorating was going on when I heard the hammer! ;) I love that you love Christmas so much... me too!

Rachel B.

cdt said...

I am glad the hammering didn't bother you! I was worried that it was too loud! I think we are done hanging stuff for a while. :)