Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Day #3

I suppose I should say that this is snow day #4 because we actually had a snow day in January as well. But this is the third snow day that we have had over the course of a week, which is pretty significant for Louisville. Even though this weather is not unfamiliar to a northern gal like me, I still acted like everyone else these last few days and stayed inside. So what else does one do on a snow day?
  1. Make lots of food. I made my mom's lasagna and banana bread last week. Tonight I am making The Pioneer Woman's chicken spaghetti. Daniel loves it, and so do I.
  2. Read and read and read.

  3. Watch television and movies.

  4. Clean like a crazy woman.

  5. Finish some home projects that I have been meaning to do.
  6. Go for a walk in the snow. Crazy? Maybe. Bored? Absolutely.

  7. Blog, of course.

  8. Watch the Olympics! This deserves a bullet point all by itself.

While it is beautiful to see the snow falling outside my apartment window, I will be glad when winter is over.

Being at home so much this past week has made me appreciate home so much more. I enjoy the excitement my husband displays when he comes home from work to a clean house. I love making meals that feed him and satisfy him. I love making our home a warm and inviting place to be. Extra time here helps me to see the value in all of it. I also really like not rushing home from work and frantically trying to make dinner so we can eat before 8 pm! Most likely I will be back to the office tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted...


amandaginn said...

Looks familiar!

I'm glad you got to spend a few quiet days at home.

(You should set up a Shelfari page so I can see what you've been reading.)

I was such a whiner about the winter games... I'm a summer olympic snob. And yet, we'll be watching again tonight. And I'll be yet again totally sucked in!

cdt said...

Funny thing is I get to spend another day at home! They just cancelled again for tomorrow. I will work from home again tomorrow. I should have mentioned that I worked some today. :)

I LOVE the summer olympics. But I am getting sucked into the winter ones more this time around. Primarily because I want to know the history behind all of the sports. Most of them are so foreign to me.

I will set up a Shelfari. I saw it on your page and was like "I should do that." You are now my motivation. :)