Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness 2010!

Today is a big day in the Reissig home. You see, today is Selection Sunday, the day we pick our teams for our NCAA basketball tournament bracket. Up until a few years ago the only madness I experienced in March was cramming for mid-terms. Living with the 2520 girls changed everything, and now I am hooked. Then last year my family, Daniel, and I all filled out a bracket. We were really into it.
And I won. The whole thing.
Not only did I win. I had all four teams in the Final Four in my bracket, and I picked the winning team. I grew up in a family of sports lovers, I married a sports lover, and I, quite frankly, have no athletic skill or knowledge. The gene totally skipped me. I just pick blindly and act like I know what's going on. It drives the sports enthusiasts crazy (like my husband and my youngest brother). But I win, and that is all that matters.
So tonight starts the selection and Thursday starts the craziness. We are looking forward to it. I like to think of it as the Olympics, part 2. The madness has begun and I am hoping to continue my winning streak. It's my one attempt at sporting ability. I have to make it count.


Emily Tarter said...

I'll be joining you in picking blindly! :) Zach's excited we can actually participate this year because he's not an NCAA athlete!

cdt said...

I am glad you can too! You might give me some competition! Dad thinks that the ones who pick blindly do best because they don't overanalyze. :)

Micah can't participate though because of NCAA. :(

amandaginn said...

Courtney -- I won our family bracket last year, too! Awesome!

It was pretty maddening to the men in the family, especially since they actually followed the entire season.

Hopefully you and I have more than just beginners' luck.

cdt said...

I am hoping for more than beginners luck too, Amanda!

Scott said...

I picked blindly too! This is my first year doing a bracket, we'll see how it goes. So far none of my Elite 8 have been knocked out, but we'll see...

The 2520 girls were missing you last night.

cdt said...


I miss them too! The first year I filled out a bracket we all had headbands and sweatbands to wear during the games. :)