Monday, September 26, 2011

Trusting What You Cannot See

"Between the death of Lazarus and his resurrection four days later, his family could not see how God would be glorified in it. That would be revealed at his resurrection. Therefore, if that is where you stand today—and all of us do, in some sense, not seeing clearly how God is glorified in the death of our beloved—do not judge before the resurrection. God is doing more than you can know. And the resurrection will bring it all to light. In the mean time, trust him, and treasure him above all things." - John Piper, This Illness Is for the Glory of God (sermon)

Maybe you haven't lost a loved one, but you are facing a suffering that seems pointless right now. It isn't. There are a thousand details going on behind the scenes that God is orchestrating for your good and ultimate joy in him. It is evidence of his great love for you. He will show up in your pain in ways you never would have known had you not faced this trial. I know this because he has done it for me. Let this quote from Pastor John minister to your weary soul today in whatever season you are in.

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debt said...

I love this quote from John Piper. In fact, I was there when he said it during a sermon on Joseph. Thanks for the reminder. I will need to pass this on to our church family. They need to hear this now, as so many are hurting and have so many questions and they need the reminder that God has not forgotten them. He hasn't and is working out His purposes in their lives! He's not finished with us yet! Love you, girl!!