Sunday, March 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Annalise!

I recognize that this is only interesting to the Tarter family. But, seeing as how only half of the Tarter's were able to experience this wonderful occasion, it seems only fitting that I put up pictures from our exciting day at Chuck-E-Cheese. My niece turns four on Tuesday, so we had a little party for her at every child's favorite pizza place.

First, let me say that I think that you lose all ability to act like an adult the minute you step foot in Chuck-E-Cheese.

She drove the race car, I pushed the gas pedal.

They were in a competition, Zach lost.

Mimi Strelecki, Erica, and Anna

The Birthday Girl!

We missed you Momma, Daddy, and Micah. It wasn't the same without you! Jerm asked me if I thought that the Chuck-E-Cheese in Texas was way bigger than the one here, and then I preceded to tell him that everything looked bigger when we were eight. As you can see, nothing has changed up here!

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