Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Volunteering with girls

Erika and I took a couple of our high school girls to help with an inner-city Bible club for kids in our neighborhood. The girls asked me to put pictures up on the blog, so I am fulfilling their wish. (Here you go Hannah and Whitney!)

Often times it is easy to go about my day and never really think about the fact that there are hundreds of children in my neighborhood who live in darkness and hopelessness. Many of them live only a few feet away from me while I bury my nose in a book or sit in front of CNN thinking about all of the horrors of the Fall in our world, when in actuality I don't need to go that far to see it--it's right accross the street.

And so, we went to help out with this kids club because we wanted aid in the spreading of the Gospel, but also we wanted to see what life was like outside of our comfort zone. May God keep us constantly burdened for the souls of the nations--even in our own neighborhoods, and may we not forget the children who fall asleep afraid and alone.

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stephanie said...

Courtney, these pictures are so cute. I love them!

Christ is all!!