Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday is for Fotos: Our Humble Abode

We have now been living in Little Rock for almost 2 months. It's hard to believe that two months have passed since we made the trek south. It's the middle of summer here and every day is at least 95 degrees. The humidity rises significantly by evening, so if you step outside for anything you are covered with a blanket of oppressive heat. It's the summer and it's glorious. I've never been more thankful for air conditioning and fans than I have been in recent days. Since we are now settled into our little apartment I figured it was time to put some pictures up here on the blog. We downsized tremendously to save some money, so half of our stuff is in storage right now. But it works and we really like our complex. I know I have some friends and family from far away who are wanting to see where we live. So here you go!

A typical day in our house. Daniel works from home so this is one of his "offices".

Our closet is huge! It's hard to really convey the vastness of the closet in a picture. But trust me. It's big.

You can't see it from this angle, but Daniel's other "office" is in our bedroom. Our bedroom is so big we could fit his desk in there.

The kitchen.


debt said...

Brings back great memories!!!

Rachel said...

I love it! You all did a great job! I SURE do miss you, though... LOTS! :( hoping I can see you again soon. Love you, Courtney!

cdt said...

Thanks! Love you and miss you lots too, Rachel!!!

cdt said...

Yes, Mom! Great memories of your visit!

Chelsea Bass said...

Aww, you made it a home!

Emily Tarter said...

YAY for pictures!!! So cute!! Looks very "home-y" - so excited for you that your main job is caring for your home and family now! :) CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU IN A FEW WEEKS!